Erika Arias

For me photography is an instrument, a tool and a discipline. It is the possibility of portraying the body, the environment and the world in a non-literal way. To generate a discourse and energetic exchange through the staging and dynamics with the portrayed objects. It is identity in the practice.

I am interested in distorting reality, de-constructing the context and the body, to give way to another new, original, unique and latent environment and body … the creation of dream worlds and realities that end up being closer to painting, drawing or watercolor. My work is the result of a series of practices that opens a space to pictorial exploration of photography; The body does not go through digital techniques of post-production, the reconfiguration of the body and the environment is generated strictly in the scenographic.

I use materials such as water, glass, plastic, paper and any other items to distort the images in a natural way. The body is seen through a layer of something, which doesn’t allow us to see the exact body form. It only allows us to catch glimpses of what is underneath, hence our imagination is left to explore the beauty of the body without prejudice.

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