Erika Arias

1978. Publicist and photographer born in Bogotá, Colombia. She lives and works in Barcelona, Spain


2015     “Horses Art Exhibition” Barcelona Horses, Dressage Tour. Barcelona, Spain.

2014     “Lullaby” DosTrece Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2003     “Fragmentos” House of Culture. Cúcuta, Colombia.


2009     “The Art box Collection – Adidas”. Berlín, Germany.

2005     “Hallucination” Showcase June, Quickflick World Short Film Festival. Barcelona, Spain.

2005     “Bikes” Showcase October, Quickflick World Short Film Festival. Barcelona, Spain.

2002     “ VIII Hall Chamber of Commerce” Selected. Cúcuta, Colombia.

2002     “ II Project Map”, 2nd call, Selected. San Cristóbal, Venezuela.

2001     “ II Hall of Postal Art”, Minerva Gallery. Aragua, Venezuela.

2001     “ I Hall of Postal Art”, Anzoátegui Museum. Pamplona, Colombia.


2002     “Unique Prize: Scholarship stimulated creativity” 1st Contemporary Art salón. House of Culture. Cúcuta, Colombia. / Jury : Antonio Caro, Eduardo Serrano, Marta Rodriguez.



2014     Workshop: Studio Portrait, Jöel Ventura & Katherin Wermke. Barcelona.

2005     Máster Production Design for Cinema and Audiovisula Media. European University of Madrid, Spain.

2004     Graduate Advertising, Marketing and Photography. University of Santander. Cúcuta, Colombia.

2004     Máster Creative Photography, Janca. House of Culture, Cúcuta, Colombia.

2003     Workshop: Introduction to Video-art, José Alejandro Restrepo. House of Culture, Cúcuta, Colombia.

2002      Workshop: Creative Photography, Janca. House of Culture, Cúcuta, Colombia.

2001     Degree in Plastic Dinamic of 20th Century Art.


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